Upgrading From 3.1

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These are directions for upgrading iHRIS Manage from version 3.1 under Ubuntu.

First Steps

Get The Source Code

You can either get the released or the development code. Suppose that [base_path] is the directory which contains i2ce, common, manage etc.

Backup Database

We should back up the database. Go into phpmyadmin, select your database, click on operations, and copy the database to a new name [database_name].


Open up a new terminal on the machine.

cd [base_path]/i2ce/tools
php apache_tail.php 0

Main Configuration

Copy the existing site directory over to a new directory and update the config.values.php to:

  • set the $i2ce_site_database to [database_name], the name of the new database
  • set $i2ce_site_i2ce_path to [base_path]/i2ce, the directory where the new version of I2CE is located

If you have URL Rewriting turned on, you will want to update your .htaccess file. Look for the line RewriteBase and change it to the web directory you are using.

Site Configuration File


We need to go through your site configuration (XML) file and look for any conflicts and any requirements with version info from 3.1 and update them to the new version. For example, if you have something that looks like:

<requirement name='ihris-manage'>
  <atLeast version='3.1'/>
  <lessThan version='3.2'/>

it should be, for the 3.2 development version:

<requirement name='ihris-manage'>
  <atLeast version='3.2'/>
  <lessThan version='3.3'/>

or for the 4.0 release version:

<requirement name='ihris-manage'>
  <atLeast version='4.0'/>
  <lessThan version='4.1'/>

for the release version.

You should probably update the


to be:




as appropriate.


There were new modules created in the 3.2/4.0 code base for iHRIS Manage. Here are modules that did not exist in 3.1 which you probably want to enable in 3.2 or 4.0:

<enable name='PersonContact'/>
<enable name='ihris-manage-PersonDemographic'/>
<enable name='PersonEducation'/>
<enable name='PersonEmployment'/>
<enable name='PersonID'/>
<enable name='PersonLanguage'/>
<enable name='PersonNotes'/>

You may also want:

<enable name='stub'/>  
<enable name="FileDump"/>
<enable name="StretchPage"/>
<enable name="messageBox"/>
<enable name="messageNotice"/>
<enable name="localeSelector"/>

Changes to HTML Templates

There have been some changes to template files to better support localization.

Some of these changes may be in the main.html and the welcome.html files in the site templates folder.

Welcome Role

Change things like: <source lang="xml">

Logout as 

</source> to: <source lang="xml">

getUserRole()" />


Welcome Name

Change things like: <source lang="xml">

Welcome, ,

</source> to: <source lang="xml">

getUserNames()" />