Building Debian Packages from bzr

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This article is deprecated.

Easily Build Your Own

  • Install Bazaar and bzr-builddeb as well as the build dependencies dpatch and debhelper. (“apt-get install bzr-builddeb dpatch debhelper”)
  • Check out my debian build scripts. I suggest doing this in a separate directory. For example:
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ bzr co i2ce
$ bzr co ihris-common
$ bzr co ihris-manage
  • In each directory, run “bzr builddeb”.
$ (cd i2ce; bzr builddeb)
$ (cd ihris-common; bzr builddeb)
$ (cd ihris-manage; bzr builddeb)
  • You should now have a subdirectory named build-area with three .deb files in it. Before installing them, you'll need to install the runtime dependencies: aptitude install dbcommon-config ucf libapache2-mod-php5 php-i18nv2 php-mdb2-driver-mysql php-text-password. At this time, some are only available from the IntraHealth Debian repository above.
  • Install the Debian packages you created: sudo dpkg -i build-area/*.deb