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== Guatemala Documentation ==
== Guatemala Documentation ==
===Installation and Configuration===
* [[Documentacion_Guatemala_Instalacion | Installation Tools]] Install for Guatemala
* [[Documentacion_Guatemala_Instalacion_Suite | Download and Installation Suite iHRIS]]
* [[Documentacion_Guatemala_Configuracion_Suite | Configutarion Suite iHRIS ]]
* [[Documentacion_Guatemala_CertificadoSSL | Installation and Configuration SSL ]]
=== Modules iHRIS ===
* [[Documentacion_Guatemala_Contratos | Contracts ]] Contract Module
* [[Documentacion_Guatemala_Resoluciones | Resolution ]] Resolution Module
* [[Documentacion_Guatemala_Rescision_Individual | Resign Personal]] Resign Module
* [[Documentacion_Guatemala_Rescision_Masiva| Mass Resign]] Resign Module
[[Category:iHRIS Software]]
[[Category:iHRIS Software]]

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