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5. You will be prompted to update the site.  Click “OK”.
5. You will be prompted to update the site.  Click “OK”.

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Experimental Packages

To install snapshots of the current development — which may or may not work — add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ihris.list:

deb http://ihrisdev.intrahealth.org/debian . main

If you want to change any of the database parameterso, then modify the file in /etc/i2ce/Demo/config.values.php.

  • You should have the bare-bones installation running.

Trying the iHRIS Manage Demo

If you'd like to install the complete demonstration site, you can grab the i2ce-ihris-manage-site-demo from Launchpad:

sudo apt-get install i2ce-ihris-manage-site-demo

To complete the set up, follow these steps (also in /usr/share/i2ce-ihris-manage-site-demo/README.debian):

1. This package expects MySQL to be installed locally by default. Verify that it is, or add the MySQL host to /etc/i2ce/ihris-manage-demo.apache as the value of the environment variable I2CE_DB_PROTOCOL.

For example, if your MySQL host is reachable at “mysql-host”, you would put

       SetEnv I2CE_DB_PROTOCOL mysql-host

in /etc/i2ce/ihris-manage-demo.apache.

2. Create the database for the iHRIS demonstration. By default, the demo expects to use a database named “ihris” with the user “ihris” and the password “ihris”.

To create the database, use the following commands:

mysqladmin -uroot -p create ihris
echo "GRANT ALL ON ihris.* to ihris@localhost \
      IDENTIFIED BY 'ihris'" | mysql -uroot -p

3. Symlink /etc/i2ce/ihris-manage-demo.apache to /etc/apache2/conf and restart apache:

sudo ln -s /etc/i2ce/ihris-manage-demo.apache /etc/apache2/conf.d
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

4. Point your browser to the URL. By default, an alias is created at http://YOUR_SERVER/ihris/manage/Demo/. If you're installing this on your local machine, then you would probably use

5. You will be prompted to update the site. Click “OK”.