Developer Resources

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These resources support iHRIS software developers who are writing new features, programming new modules, or modifying the PHP source code.

Got questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions list or contact us.

Software Applications

iHRIS is a set of health workforce information solutions. Our source code is hosted at Launchpad and is available free to download, use, and modify under the GPL V3 license. The following applications and supporting software are available:

  • iHRIS Manage, a human resources management tool that enables an organization to design and manage a comprehensive human resources strategy
  • iHRIS Qualify, a health worker training, licensing, and certification tracking system
  • iHRIS Train, a tool for managing health worker training information
  • iHRIS Plan, planning and modeling software developed to improve how health sector planners and program decision makers plan for their health workforce needs in developing country settings
  • iHRIS Retain, a tool that helps managers of health workers cost retention strategies at the district, regional, or national level
  • iHRIS Common, common page classes, template files and images for the iHRIS software
  • I2CE, the core programming engine for the iHRIS software
  • Installation Instructions for iHRIS software
  • Source Code Downloads for iHRIS software

Technical Documentation

The Technical Overview of iHRIS is the place to start with understanding how iHRIS is structured. Please read the Introduction and Overview first if you are new to working with iHRIS.

Documentation and tutorials are also available on:

We also have several tutorials for implementers who are administering an instance of iHRIS.

Most of this documentation has been translated into Spanish.

Contributing to the Project

Check Design Documents for descriptions of new features and applications currently under consideration for development.

To understand our priority development needs, including core system improvements and new features or modules, please review our iHRIS Ideas List.

For developers who are creating software releases or packages, we are currently revising our Software Release Procedure.

Translations describes the process for translating the iHRIS software and enabling translations.