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The following are development goals only, not necessarily hard-and-fast deadlines, and are subject to change. Expect this calendar to be updated frequently as new priorities come up. Developers, feel free to annotate with your own goals.

October 2007 Goals

  • Post the iHRIS Qualify Code to Launchpad (Luke)
  • Post download packages for iHRIS Manage and Qualify (Mark/Luke)
  • Post new feature requests on Launchpad for Manage and Qualify (Shannon) -- complete
  • Print and export report/record feature (Carl)
  • Remaining first-round corrections to IntraHealth HRIS (Luke/Carl)

November 2007 Goals

  • Post updated versions of all existing documentation to website/wiki (Shannon)
  • Complete specifications for training module for iHRIS Manage (Shannon)
  • Complete HRIS Inventory Assessment database prototype (Carl)

December 2007 Goals

  • Prototype of Offline Access tool completed for initial testing (Mark)
  • Workforce planning model approved for iHRIS Plan (Dykki)

Q1 2008 Goals (January-March)

  • Competency model/training management module for iHRIS Manage completed (Carl; other developers may be assigned depending on availability)
  • Self-service access, supervisor/manager access and guest access to job application completed for iHRIS Manage (Mark)
  • Active Directory and other system integration for IntraHealth HRIS completed (Mark + internal ICT support)
  • iHRIS Qualify in Uganda TA (Mark)
  • Piloting and debugging of offline access (developer TBD)
  • iHRIS Plan specifications (Shannon)

Q2 2008 Goals (April-June)

  • Piloting and debugging of competency model/training management module; upgrade iHRIS Manage core and IntraHealth HRIS (Carl)
  • Self-service and other role access tested, debugged and implemented in IntraHealth HRIS (developer TBD)
  • Dual data entry support for iHRIS Manage and Qualify (developer TBD; Shannon is completing specifications)
  • Internationalization/translations support implemented so that translations can begin (Carl)
  • iHRIS Plan version 1.0 (Luke)