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Basic concept: Produce several short guided but interactive demonstrations of key features of iHRIS. These are intended to be self-running. The interactivity should be limited to just a few choices intended to showcase the software highlights. Beyond running these demos at events, we can also post them online.

A possible basic format:

  • Tell me what I am going to learn
  • What's in it for me
  • Tell me (the info)
  • Show me (video, screencast etc)
  • Tell me again
  • Tell me how to find more info

Possible features to be showcased in interactive videos:

  1. Search for a person's record and maybe enter a couple of fields
  2. Training module - perhaps schedule someone for a training and then assess
  3. Report example 1 - generate staff list, show the graphing feature based on the staff list
  4. Report example 2 - graphical display of nurses by age or gender, set some limits
  5. iHRIS Plan - Create a quick projection

For #2 above, can we add a custom report showing how many staff have NOT attended a training? This may speak to donors and central planners. Showing how you use the training module to schedule a person for a training and track their assessment and competencies is helpful but using this data as a planning tool demonstrates the “so what” of tracking this data.

For the reports, limit by district as this is often asked.

For #3 above, possibly show person how to run report of nurses in the country, then ask person to choose how they want to "drill down" - maybe give them the options of age, gender, district.