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These resources support installing and maintaining the iHRIS software, as well as making simple customizations, such as creating custom reports, adding new fields, and editing the XML.

Got questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions list or contact us. Report a Bug for the iHRIS Suite on Launchpad, our hosting site.

iHRIS Installation

Poor internet connection? See creating a Software Repository Mirror for offline use.

An iHRIS Appliance is available for a small fee as a standalone solution for settings with limited ICT support.

Setting Up iHRIS

Configuring Reports

Reporting is one of the most important features of iHRIS. These tutorials will teach you how to generate reports, archive reports, and customize reports to meet the needs of your organization.

Other Resources

  • Technical Overview of iHRIS
  • Using iHRIS in a decentralized environment
  • Security procedures implemented in iHRIS
  • Interoperability with other health information systems
  • iHRIS Operations Guide (PDF): This guide was developed in Malawi but can be adapted for use in other countries.
  • iHRIS Administrator - Level 1 -- A free, self-paced, e-learning course that teaches the skills needed to install, maintain, and customize iHRIS. Available in English, Spanish, and French. To take the course, you will need to register with the HRH Global Resource Center eLearning site.
  • iHRIS User -- Level 1 - This e-learning course provides instructions on how to set up and manage human resources data in the iHRIS Manage database. Information on managing employee and job applicant data, as well as training data, is included. Each module is designed to be used separately, as an online help guide, to teach human resources staff and hiring managers how to use the software. To take the course, you will need to register with the HRH Global Resource Center eLearning site.
  • HRIS Strengthening Implementation Toolkit -- a printable package of tools that facilitates implementing the iHRIS software. To be updated: spring 2014.

We also provide several tutorials for developers modifying the iHRIS code.