Managing the Debian Repository

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Normally our local Debian Repository is managed by Continuum and the deploy-i2ce script. This page covers the steps the deploy-i2ce takes as well how you can manage the repository by hand, in a pinch.

Automated Deployment

Continuum runs the packaging scripts once an hour and then publishes the results (PHPDocumentor-produced docmentation and Debian packages). The documentation is pushed to a subdirectory of /var/www/ihris-docs using rsync. The debian packages are pushed to /var/www/debian using rsync and then archive maintenance commands are run.

Updating a manually-built package

You need to install the devscripts package:

sudo apt-get install devscripts

Some packages (such as the -all packages and the site packages) need to be built by hand and placed in the repository by hand.

The site packages are simple enough: just change to the proper directory (e.g. cd sites/Demo) and run build-debian.

The -all packages are not so straightforward. After building them, they need to be manually copied into the /var/www/debian/pool/main/manual subdirectory and run the following command:

   $ sudo -u tomcat55 apt-ftparchive -q -q generate \

Note: The manual subdirectory is used to avoid conflicts with the automated rsync process.