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* [[Upgrading From 3.1]]
* [[Upgrading From 3.1]]
* [[Using Bazaar to Contribute Code]]
* [[Using Bazaar to Contribute Code]]
* [[Create a Calendar Display Page]]

== Maintainer's Documentation ==
== Maintainer's Documentation ==

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This documentation is intended for developers and system administrators who are installing, administering, and customizing iHRIS. Need more help? Try us here. There is also Country-Specific Documentation.

Release Notes

General Installation Instructions

Linux (Ubuntu)

Installing on ext4 filesystem? see this

Poor internet connection? See creating a Software Repository Mirror for offline use.

Linux (RedHat-Fedora)


Packages, Modules and the API

Modules Lists:

Class List:

Template List:

  • iHRIS Template List a list of all the html templates and their locations used in the iHRIS Suite

Form Lists:

Task Lists

Role Lists

How Tos,Techinical Overviews, and Tutorials

Learning Materials

How Tos

Technical Overview


Maintainer's Documentation