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Technical Documentation

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This documentation is intended for developers and system administrators who are installing, administrating and customizing iHRIS. For end user documentation and detailed step-by-step instructions for using iHRIS Manage, Qualify and Plan, see the iHRIS Documentation and User Manuals. For More information about the iHRIS Suite and the HRIS Strengthening program, see the iHRIS Project Website.

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Release Notes

General Installation Instructions

Linux (Ubuntu)

Linux (RedHat-Fedora)


The Windows verison of iHRIS was formerly referred to as Offline iHRIS.

How Tos,Techinical Overviews, and Tutorials

How Tos

Technical Overview


iHRIS Common Documentation

iHRIS Manage Documentation

iHRIS Qualify Documentation

iHRIS Plan Documentation

Maintainer's Documentation