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Bihar Installation Instructions

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This page contains installation instructions on installing iHRIS Manage Customizations for Bihar

Getting Ready

First you should install Ubuntu and all the supporting software required by iHRIS by following the Linux (Ubuntu) Installation - Supporting Software instructions.

Note: Installing on ext4 filesystem? see this

Note: Unless specifically mentioned, all the commands below are run using a terminal. You can start this in Ubuntu by going to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal. Any time a command begins with sudo it will prompt for your password because this will be run with administrative privileges. When you run sudo multiple times, only the first time will ask for your password.

Note: Some installation commands will prompt for inputs in the terminal window, usually with a blue background. The mouse doesn't work to click on options here. You can use Tab to move between options and the space bar to check or uncheck selections.

Note: Some commands will launch the gedit file editor. Look at the documentation if you need additional help.

Download iHRIS Source Code

Download India and Bihar Customizations

Create Database

Edit config.values.php