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Development Calendar

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Last update -- March 2009

The following are development goals only, not necessarily hard-and-fast deadlines, and are subject to change. Expect this calendar to be updated frequently as new priorities come up. Developers, feel free to annotate with your own goals.

Q2-Q3 2009 Goals (April-July 2009)

  • Complete as many feature requests as possible in order of priority -- see bug tracker on Launchpad (all developers)
  • Customization support (roles/tasks/fields) (Carl/Luke)
  • Complete technical documentation and system administrator's manual (all developers)
  • Clean up and productize code, including easy-install packages (all developers)
  • Add in-context help and pop-up tips based on usability findings (developer TBD)
  • Provide direct way to offer technical support from the software (developer TBD)
  • Make user interface changes based on usability findings (developer TBD)

iHRIS Survey (Tentative Product Idea)

iHRIS Survey would enable the user to create a form with all needed fields, enter the data into a flat database and then run reports on that data. The form could be customized to address a variety of issues: backlog data entry; a step solution to prepare and clean data before importing into the mature HRIS; enter people or facility survey data; or any other form/database needs. If approved, the first iteration can be released in Summer 2009.

Q1-Q2 2009 Goals (January-April 2009)

Version 3.3:

  • Duplicate records check (Carl)
  • Import/export data function for Manage/Qualify and synchronization for offline version (Carl/Luke)
  • Add asterisk to denote all required fields for easier data entry (Luke)
  • Revise explanatory text, instructions and some page views (Reports, Administer Database) based on usability findings (Carol/Luke)

Q3-Q4 2008 Goals (July 2008-December 2008)

  • Enable translation support -- complete
  • Bug fixes/minor releases as needed -- complete

Q2 2008 Goals (April-June)

  • Customized report builder for Manage/Qualify (Carl) -- complete and released in version 3.1
  • In-service training management module for iHRIS Manage completed (Carl) -- complete and released in version 3.1
  • iHRIS Plan version 1.0 (Luke) -- released

March 2008 Goals

  • Post version 3.0 download packages for iHRIS Manage and Qualify (Carl/Luke) -- complete
  • Active Directory and other system integration for IntraHealth HRIS completed (Mark + internal ICT support) -- complete
  • Piloting and debugging of offline access (Mark) -- complete

February 2008 Goals

  • iHRIS Plan specifications complete (Shannon) -- complete
  • Update and post v3.0 documentation and user's manuals for Manage and Qualify (Shannon) -- complete
  • Upgrade to version 3.0 of iHRIS Qualify in Uganda (Luke) -- complete
  • Upgrade to version 3.0 of iHRIS Manage in Rwanda (Mark)

January 2008 Goals

  • Version 3.0 RC1 coding completed and made available for bug testing (Carl/Luke) -- complete
  • Test new features for version 3.0 of both systems (Shannon) -- complete

December 2007 Goals

  • Prototype of Offline Access tool completed for initial testing (Mark) -- complete
  • Workforce planning model approved for iHRIS Plan (Dykki) -- complete

November 2007 Goals

  • Remaining first-round corrections to IntraHealth HRIS (Luke/Carl) -- complete
  • Post updated versions of all existing documentation to website/wiki (Shannon) -- complete
  • Complete specifications for training module for iHRIS Manage (Shannon) -- complete

October 2007 Goals

  • Post the iHRIS Qualify Code to Launchpad (Luke) -- complete
  • Post new feature requests on Launchpad for Manage and Qualify (Shannon) -- complete
  • Print and export report/record feature (Carl) -- complete