Extending Form Limits

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  • rework generateLimit() so that allows for adding in new operators types.
  • Hook in COMPARE operator to generateLimit() to make comparisons for form fields to be used in limits
    • Example: 'form+start_year' lessThan 'form+end_year' will cause the following code to be executed:
      • $start_date->COMPAREAS_lessthan_TO_I2CE_FormField_YEAR($end_date) -- will not exist
      • $start_date->COMPAREAS_lessthan_TO_I2CE_FormField_DB_DATE($end_date) -- will exist and return true/false
    • In otherwords ($class = get_ COMPAREAS_$operator_TO_$class where $class runs over parent cass of end_date

  • allow for general binary (or n-ary) operations among form fields where the result is another form field to be used in limit clauses. such as
    • $end_date->OPERATOR_minus_DB_DATE($start_date)
    • $start_salary->OPERATOR_plus_CURRENCY($end_salary)
  • allow for "parametrized" 1-ary operations for form fields such as:
    • $start_date->next_year() (no parameters ) -- returns class of $start_date
    • $start_date->increment_ymd($y,$m,$d) (3 paramaters) -- returns class of $start_date
    • $start_date->increment_year($y) (1 paramater) -- returns class of $start_date
    • $start_date->increment_time($h,$m,$s) -- returns class of $start_date
    • $start_date->increment_hour($h) -- returns class of $start_date
    • $salary->divide($divisor) -- returns CURRENCY
    • $salary->multiply($factor)-- returns CURRENCY
  • allow for constant-like form fields in limiting values such as:
    • DB_DATETIME::now() -- returns DATE_TIME
    • DB_YEAR::next_year() -- returns DATE_YEAR
    • DB_YMD::next_year() -- returns DATE_YMD