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This article describes the class I2CE_FormBrowser .










Th constructor

  • Defined in i2ce/modules/Forms/modules/FormBrowser/lib/I2CE_FormBrowser.php on line 49
  • Signature: public function __construct($page,$action,$options)
  • Parameters:
    • I2CE_Page $page
    • string $action
      What action to perform for this form browser. Valid options are 'showForm', 'editForm' and 'saveForm'
      • Default Value: 'showForm'
    • array $options
      An associatve array. The following keys are recognized: 'FBPrefix' => The prefix of all id's related to the formBrowser. If not set 'formBrowser' is used. (This enables having ajax functionality for multiple formBrowsers on the same page).


Adds any child forms for this form.

  • Defined in i2ce/modules/Forms/modules/FormBrowser/lib/I2CE_FormBrowser.php on line 509
  • Signature: public function addChildForms($detailNode,$formConfig,$formObj)
  • Parameters:
    • DOMNode $detailNode
      The major node which contains the formBrowser we are creating
    • I2CE_MagicDataNode $formConfig
    • I2CE_Form $formObj
      the form object for the form we are displaying ( or null.if we are not looking at a particular record)
  • Returns: boolean.
    Return false if none were added, true if child forms were added.


Add the edit Link @param I2CE_MagicDataNode $formConfig /modules/forms/forms/$formName


Add the select records.


Add the select records.


Add the save Link @param I2CE_MagicDataNode $formConfig /modules/forms/forms/$formName


Create a form browser node and append it to the specifed node @param mixed $appendNode. Either a DOMNode or a string which is the id of a node. We will append the formBrowser to this node.



Shows details the underlying database information and class information of a form field. Intend to be called when there is no form instance we are going to set (i.e. no id for a record is expected to be give)

  • Defined in i2ce/modules/Forms/modules/FormBrowser/lib/I2CE_FormBrowser.php on line 156
  • Signature: protected function showFieldDetails($detailNode,$form,$fieldConfig,$even)
  • Parameters:
    • $detailNode
    • string $form
    • I2CE_MagicDataNode $fieldConfig
      The magic data node /modules/forms/formClasses/$form/fields/$fieldName where $fieldName is the name of the field we are adding
    • boolean $even
      (Defaults to false). If true, will add the class 'even' to the created form field nodes.
      • Default Value: 'I2CE_FormField'


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