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FrontlineSMS And Moodle

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This is the beginning of an outline for a FrontlineSMS and Moodle interaction. FrontlineSMS is written in Java while moodle is written in PHP.

In order to have close interaction, we will need to create/modify two plugins. One for FrontlineSMS and one for moodle. Primary end-user interaction will be through Moodle. The aim is to keep these two programs loosely coupled and to expose needed FrontlineSMS functionality via its Web API (HTTP Triggers). Development should begin with adding in these triggers

FrontlineSMS and Triggers

FrontlineSMS Groups and Moodle Courses

  • Moodle UI to associate a course in moodle with a group in FrontlineSMS:
    • groups should already be defined in frontline SMS. also have ability to create new group
    • list/create groups should added by via an http trigger as indicated above

General Moodle Interaction

  • Moodle UI so a user can associate a from frontline SMS
    • uses puts in their mobile number
    • moodle does a lookup on frontlinesms to see if there is a contact with that number via the contracts/lookup trigger
      • if there is exactly one contact, the contact id is associated with the user profile
      • if there are no contacts, moodle will create the contact on frontlinesms via the contacts/add trigger
      • if there is more than one contact, display a drop-down list where the user can select which contact_id they should be associated to (list display name)
  • All posts to SMS messages are sent via FrontLine SMS's existing http trigger sms/send
  • Participants in a course can send a SMS to any/all other partipicpants that
  • Administrator in course can send a message to any/all partipants in the course

Moodle Forum interaction

  • Concept: Enable announcements and participation in Moodle forums via Frontline SMS
  • Reference:
  • Reference:
  • Teacher/administrator of a course can choose to enable SMS forwarding of messages "News Forum" to participants that have a mobile number. defaults to enabled
  • Teacher/administrator can mark each forum that they create as SMS-enabled or not. defaults to disabled
  • sending a message on a moodle forum will initiate send the message the group registered for the course via http trigger sms/sendgroup
  • More Specification pending for posting to a forum via FrontlineSMS.

Moodle Quiz interaction

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