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These are goals for the initial version and later versions of iHRIS Plan, as established at the HRH Workforce Projecton Model Workshop. These goals are still under discussion. Feel free to add suggestions or comments.

1st iteration - planned release for July 2008

  1. Develop a proof-of-concept tool that will enable workforce planners to generate projections quickly using the minimum dataset that will yield meaningful results.
  2. Build the software on top of a simplified Workforce Projection Model (the John Dewdney version).

2nd iteration - planned for development September-December 2008

  1. Prioritize features based on feedback from workforce planning experts and pilot test in Namibia.
  2. Provide help, documentation and guidance inside the software to teach basic workforce planning concepts to users.
  3. Create a simple, wizard-like user interface to simplify using workforce projection models.
  4. Outputs should include graphical projections and a strategic workforce plan.

Later iterations

  1. Enable users to input more data, if available, and generate more complex, robust and sophisticated projections by adding in other components of the WHO HRH Workforce Projection Model (Hall/Hornby version).
  2. Provide guidance inside the software to help users with making credible assumptions where data are lacking.
  3. Improve and build on the WHO HRH Workforce Projection Model.