IHRIS Suite 4.0 Development

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Version 4.0.0

Intended for release week of July 13, 2009.

Version 4.0.1

High Priority

Medium Priority

  • Replace I2CE_Form::validate() mapped values check with something from I2CE_List, e.g. monsterMash()
  • Add cache stale times on a per form basis
  • Add cache stale times on a per report basis
  • Change so that caching a report triggers the caching of the forms needed for the report if they are stale
  • Change so that forced caching a report triggers forced caching of the forms needed for the report


  • Ensure all templates are localized (done in 4.0.0)

Version 4.0.2

  • XML Export for report
    • Add option to import XSLT to transform XML export
  • Cleanup user and user_form. Can user use the flat storage?
    Do we want make it a requirement
  • Add in different role/password authentifications for users
    • openMRS, DHIS users
    • LDAP?
  • Add in Simply Joined mechanisim for forms to enable reading in data from openMRS style vertical tables.
  • Move all string from php to templates
  • Remove all mootools' $ references from javascript

Version 4.0.3

  • Fix sysV magic data storage mechanism
  • Cleanup ISCO-88 Job Codes