IHRIS Suite 4.1 Development

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These are the intended features for version 4.1

Version 4.1.0

  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Use a different charting software library
  • Upgrade to php 5.3
    • Get rid of eval's for static values/variable in subclasses
    • Add in static fuzzy methods
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Pages
  • Add in user based permission access to forms via form relationships
  • fix up how the navigation bar is handled so we don't need to subclass I2CE_Page just to handle highlighting the nav bar
  • add in ability to define complex form validation logic in xml.
  • review the following files in common and manage and make them go away
    • manage/modules/ManagePersonPosition/lib/iHRIS_PersonPosition.php
    • manage/modules/ManagePersonPosition/lib/iHRIS_Position.php
    • manage/modules/Benefit/lib/iHRIS_Benefit.php
    • manage/modules/ManageApplication/lib/iHRIS_Applicant.php
    • manage/modules/ManageJob/lib/iHRIS_Job.php
    • manage/lib/iHRIS_Search.php
    • common/modules/Currency/lib/iHRIS_Currency.php
    • common/modules/SimpleComptency/lib/iHRIS_Competency.php
    • common/modules/TrainingCourse/lib/iHRIS_Training_Course.php
    • common/modules/TrainingCourse/lib/iHRIS_Scheduled_Training_Course.php
    • common/modules/Geography/lib/iHRIS_Country.php
    • common/modules/Contact/lib/iHRIS_Contact.php
    • common/modules/Person/lib/iHRIS_Person.php