IHRIS Suite 4.1 Development

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These are the intended features for version 4.1

Version 4.1.0

  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Use a different charting software library
  • Upgrade to php 5.3
    • Get rid of eval's for static values/variable in subclasses
    • Add in static fuzzy methods
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Pages
  • Add in user based permission access to forms via form relationships
  • fix up how the navigation bar is handled so we don't need to subclass I2CE_Page just to handle highlighting the nav bar
  • Clean up forms classes to remove as much business logic as possible and put it into magic data:
    • add in ability to define complex form validation logic in xml. probably want to have many named validations w/ a description of what they require so that people can fix errors. perhaps these should be split into "warnings" and "errors" (see the person example below). will need to implement at least part of Extending Form Limits
      • example: person position --- start date is less than or equal to end date
      • example: person has validation to ensure uniqueness of the pair (firstname,surname) although this validation check can be overidden on the confirm page.
    • get rid of getIDs() type methods which. are these even used anymore?perhaps they be done via some general method getIDs($style) fuzzy method implemented by form storage and which reference a magic data e.g. /modules/forms/forms/$form/getIds/$style = {some data array}
      • example: person position has a getIds() method which gets all of the person position ids associated to a given position id and for which the end date is null
      • example: job has getPositins() mehtod which gets the positions associated to a job.
    • get rid of main and secondary display field constants in i2ce_list class
    • cleanup stuff leftover from 3.1 (Such as the listOptions, lookup mehtods)