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iHRIS Website

iHRIS Open Source Health Information Software Takeaway Sheet -- to be revised (PDF)

USAID's Investment in Open Source HRIS Software Takeaway Sheet (PDF)

'One-page’ overviews

Why Strengthen Human Resources Information Systems? (PDF)

Issue Brief: Health Worker Information Systems (PDF)

Product-specific ‘white papers’

iHRIS MANAGE: A Tool for Managing the Health Workforce (PDF)

iHRIS QUALIFY: A Tool for Tracking Health Professionals and Their Qualifications (PDF)

Technical Briefs – in-depth focus on specific technical issues and approaches

Technical Brief: “West Africa’s Regional Approach to Strengthening Health Workforce Information” (PDF)

Technical Brief: “Holding Health Workers Accountable: Governance Approaches to Reducing Absenteeism” HRIS Strengthening and iHRIS are briefly mentioned in the recommendations as one important cornerstone for generating information on absenteeism. (PDF)

‘Voices’ – HRIS Strengthening and iHRIS in the words of our country and regional champions

“Building Local Capacity in Health Worker Information Systems” (PDF)

“Tracking All Health Workers in Botswana” (PDF)

“Improving Health Systems with the Power of Open Source” (PDF)

"Eliminating Quacks and Improving Health Care in Uganda" (PDF)

Other Media

“From Kampala to the Districts” (PDF)


These are mentions of iHRIS in external media.

Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies (World Health Organization, 2012)

Human Resources for Health Toolkit (World Health Organization)

eHealth Toolbox (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute)

50 Successful Open Source Projects that Are Changing Medicine (Nursing Assistant Guides, Feb. 2009)

iHRIS Platform page on HingX

iHRIS Retain page on HingX

iHRIS Manage page on Ohloh

iHRIS Qualify page on Ohloh

iHRIS Plan page on Ohloh

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