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See the Ubuntu LiveCD page for details. This page just outlines the steps particular to the iHRIS LiveCD


The image used to create this CD is stored on ihrisdev under /home/mah/ihris-live. Use rsync to copy the structure there to your work area.


I've written a few simple scripts to automate some of the tedious steps. These are located directly under ihris-live:


This will drop you into a properly configured chroot that is, for all intents and purposes, the filesystem that the LiveCD will use. After you exit, you'll be returned to your command prompt.


After running edit-chroot, use this script to create the ISO.

The other scripts should not be necessary for regular use.

Of Note

A user is created from the contents of /etc/skel when the LiveCD begins running. Anything you put in here will be in the LiveCD user's environment. Here is a list of notable modifications to this environment:

R-Kiosk plugin::

A .mozilla directory is set up with the R-Kiosk plugin installed. I had to edit the .mozilla/firefox/d0i2gqoj.default/extensions/{4D498D0A-05AD-4fdb-97B5-8A0AABC1FC5B}/install.rdf file and change em:maxVersion from “3.0” to “3.0.*” to get the kiosk plugin to work on boot-up

.xsession file::

Firefox is started without a window manager running. When it exits, the user is (currently) returned to the GDM login screen.