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Training and Support

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The purpose of this page is to collect ideas for a program of training and technical support in using the iHRIS Suite. This program could be extend to teach basic concepts of managing HR information systems, HR information architecture (devising a job structure, standardizing, etc.), managing data and ensuring data quality, using data effectively, and working with Open Source software. All ideas are welcome.

Information Management Topics

Develop information standards (dropdowns) before implementing the system. The HRIS Advisor should work with stakeholders to do this. Define and document how each field is being used.

Include materials on international standards of job classifications.

The main thing is that we never install a system without a plan to back-up that involves keeping one copy off site and that we routinely follow-up with our in-country staff to follow-up until it becomes routine. (Pam) A backup is then only as useful as the ability to retrieve the data in the desired format - so regular testing of these backups should be done, documented and reviewed for completeness and accuracy. (Laticha)


Use the HRIS Strengthening Implementation Toolkit and User's Manuals to develop curricula for training courses.

Collect Open Content textbooks to include in any training materials (on programming, server management, related topics).

Job Aids

Adapt the Quick Start Guides from the Toolkit as job aids.


From my Swaziland experience, I think there’s a need for country level helpdesks, where district levels can call in for HRIS issues. The more they roll-out, the more serious this aspect gets. Then similarly you can structure it to have a global level helpdesk to support the country level helpdesks. Both of them can be marketed together. You’d have one key point person here who responds to it globally. (Danny)


A possible HRIS activity could be considered that IT audits are performed from time to time to ensure that all the various IT Policies and procedures are not just taking up shelf space but are actually implemented and serve the sole purpose of ensuring system security and continuity, data reliability and availability in our strive to strengthen HRH systems. (Laticha)