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These help documents are intended for end users of iHRIS Manage, Qualify and Plan. We have provided step-by-step instructions for completing each action in iHRIS, corresponding with the menu and other options presented after connecting to the system. Following many subsections is a "Troubleshooting" section for solving common problems encountered while working with the system.  
#REDIRECT [[iHRIS:Documentation (4.0.4)]]

If you have any suggestions or questions, or if you have an issue that the user's manual does not address, we encourage you to send us feedback. Click the '''Feedback''' button in the top navigation bar of any screen of iHRIS and complete the form that opens, or contact us directly (see the bottom of this page for contact information).
[[Category:Archived Pages]]
Please note that these help documents are currently being updated for the new release version of iHRIS (as of June 2009).
Developers and system administrators who need help with customizing, installing and administrating iHRIS, please also see the iHRIS [[Technical Documentation]].
== Common Procedures in iHRIS ==
=== Configure and Administer the Systems ===
[[Linux (Ubuntu) Installation|Install iHRIS on a Linux (Ubuntu) Server]]
[[iHRIS:Administer the System|Set Up iHRIS]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer the System#Configure_System|Configure the Systems for Initial Setup]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer the System#Configure_Modules|Enable, Disable and Configure Modules]]
=== Manage Geographical Areas in the Database ===
[[iHRIS:Add Geographical Areas|Add Geographical Areas]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Geographical Areas#Add_a_Country|Add or Update a Country]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Geographical Areas#Add_a_Region|Add or Update a Region]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Geographical Areas#Add_a_District|Add or Update a District]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Geographical Areas#Add_a_County|Add or Update a County]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Geographical Areas#Add_a_Currency|Add or Update a Currency]]
=== Create Customized Reports and Run Standard Reports ===
[[iHRIS:Create Reports|The Customized Report Builder]]
: [[iHRIS:Create Reports#Report_Relationships|Manage Report Relationships]]
: [[iHRIS:Create Reports#Reports|Manage and Create Reports]]
: [[iHRIS:Create Reports#Report_Views|Manage and Create Report Views]]
[[iHRIS:Run Reports|Run Standard Reports]]
: [[iHRIS:Run Reports#Filtering_Reports|Filtering Reports]]
: [[iHRIS:Run Reports#Charting_Reports|Charting Reports]]
: [[iHRIS:Run Reports#Exporting_and_Printing_Reports|Exporting and Printing Reports]]
=== Manage User Accounts ===
[[iHRIS:Administer Users|Administer User Accounts]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Users#Add_a_User|Add a New User Account]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Users#Update_a_User|Update or Disable a User Account]]
=== User Access ===
: [[iHRIS:User_Access#Log_In|Log in]]
: [[iHRIS:User_Access#Retrieve_a_Forgotten_Password|Retrieve a forgotten password]]
: [[iHRIS:User_Access#Change_Your_Password|Change your password]]
: [[iHRIS:User_Access#Log_Out|Log out]]
== Using iHRIS Manage ==
[[iHRIS:Understanding iHRIS Manage|Understand the Modules, User Roles and Functions]]
[[iHRIS:Before Installing iHRIS Manage|Collect Necessary Data Before Installing iHRIS Manage]]
=== Configure the Database for Use ===
[[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage|Administer the Database and Set the Values for Dropdown Menus]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Facility_Type|Add or Update Facility Types]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_an_Office_or_Facility|Add or Update an Office or Facility]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Department|Add or Update a Department]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Registration_Council|Add or Update a Registration Council]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_an_Education_Type|Add or Update an Education Type]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Degree|Add or Update a Degree]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Language|Add or Update a Language]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Competency_Type|Add or Update a Competency Type]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Competency|Add or Update a Competency]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Competency_Evaluation|Add or Update a Competency Evaluation]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_an_Identification_Type|Add or Update an Identification Type]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Benefit_Type|Add or Update a Benefit Type]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Marital_Status|Add or Update a Marital Status]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Manage#Add_a_Reason_for_Departure|Add or Update a Reason for Departure]]
=== Configure the In-service Training Management Module ===
[[iHRIS:Administer the System#Enable_the_In-service_Training_Management_Module|Enable the In-service Training Management Module]]
[[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module|Set Up and Update the In-service Training Management Module]]
: [[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module#Add_a_Training_Course|Add or Update a Training Course]]
: [[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module#Schedule_a_Course|Schedule a Training Course]]
: [[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module#Add_a_Status_of_a_Training_Course|Add or Update the Status of a Training Course]]
: [[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module#Add_Requestors_of_a_Training_Course|Add or Update Requestors of a Training Course]]
: [[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module#Add_an_Evaluation_of_a_Training_Course|Add or Update Training Course Evaluation Options]]
: [[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module#Add_a_Category_of_a_Training_Course|Add or Update Training Course Categories]]
: [[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module#Add_a_Training_Institution|Add or Update a Training Institution]]
: [[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module#Add_a_Training_Funder|Add or Update a Funder of a Training Course]]
: [[iHRIS:In-service Training Management Module#Add_a_Continuing_Education_Course|Add or Update a Continuing Education Credit Course]]
=== Manage the Organization's Job Structure and Positions ===
[[iHRIS:Create a Job Structure|Create a Job Structure]]
: [[iHRIS:Create a Job Structure#Add_Cadres|Add and Update Health Worker Cadres]]
: [[iHRIS:Create a Job Structure#Add_Job_Classifications|Add and Update Job Classifications]]
: [[iHRIS:Create a Job Structure#Add_Salary_Grades|Add and Update Salary Grades]]
: [[iHRIS:Create a Job Structure#Add_Jobs|Add and Update Jobs]]
[[iHRIS:Administer Positions|Add Positions and Related Information]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Positions#Add_Salary_Sources|Add and Update Salary Sources]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Positions#Add_Position_Types|Add and Update Types of Positions]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Positions#Add_Positions|Add a Position]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Positions#Edit_a_Position|Edit a Position]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Positions#Discontinue_a_Position|Discontinue a Position]]
=== Manage Employees ===
[[iHRIS:Manage People|Add a New Employee Record]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage People#Add_Person|Add a Person]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage People#Set_Position|Set the Person's Position]]
[[iHRIS:Add Employee Information|Add and Update Information About the Employee]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Employee Information#Add_Identifications|Add Identification Information]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Employee Information#Add_Demographic_Information|Add Demographic Information]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Employee Information#Add_Contact_Information|Add Contact Information]]
[[iHRIS:Add Position Information|Add and Update Information About the Employee's Salary and Position]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Position Information#Add_a_Benefit_or_Special_Payment|Add a Benefit or Special Payment]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Position Information#Record_a_Departure|Record the Employee's Departure from the Organization]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Position Information#Record_a_Position_Change|Record a Change in Position for the Employee]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Position Information#Record_a_Salary_Change|Record a Change in Salary for the Employee]]
[[iHRIS:Add Qualifications|Add and Update Employee Qualifications]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Qualifications#Add_Language_Proficiency|Add Language Proficiency]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Qualifications#Add_a_Competency|Add and Update Competencies]]
[[iHRIS:Add Trainings|Schedule and Evaluate Training Courses for the Employee]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Trainings#Schedule_a_Training_Course|Schedule the Employee to Take a Training Course]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Trainings#Evaluate_Training_Course_Competencies|Evaluate Competencies Earned from the Training Course]]
[[iHRIS:Add an Application|Complete an Application for an Open Position]]
: [[iHRIS:Add an Application#Add_Application|Fill out the Job Application]]
: [[iHRIS:Add an Application#Log_Interview_Details|Record the Details of an Interview by the Applicant]]
: [[iHRIS:Add an Application#Log_Hiring_Decision|Log the Decision Whether to Hire the Applicant]]
[[iHRIS:Add Employee History|Add and Update the Employee's History]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Employee History#Enter_Employment_History|Enter the Employee's Work History]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Employee History#Enter_Education_History|Enter the Employee's Education History]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Employee History#Add_Notes|Add Notes to the Employee's Record]]
[[iHRIS:Manage Job Applicants|Manage Job Applicant Records]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Job Applicants#Review_Applicants|Review Applicants for a Position]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Job Applicants#Make_a_Job_Offer|Make a Job Offer to an Applicant]]
[[iHRIS:Administer the System#Disable_the_Application_Module|Disable the Job Application Module]]
=== Search Records ===
[[iHRIS:Search Records in iHRIS Manage|Search Records Entered in the System]]
: [[iHRIS:Search Records in iHRIS Manage#Search_People|Search Employee Records]]
: [[iHRIS:Search Records in iHRIS Manage#Search_Positions|Search Position Records]]
== Using iHRIS Qualify ==
[[iHRIS:Understanding iHRIS Qualify|Understand the Modules, User Roles and Functions]]
[[iHRIS:Before Installing iHRIS Qualify|Collect Necessary Data Before Installing iHRIS Qualify]]
=== Configure the Database for Use ===
[[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify|Administer the Database and Set the Values for Dropdown Menus]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Qualification|Add or Update Qualifications or Educational Requirements]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Cadre|Add or Update Health Worker Cadres]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Continuing_Education_Course|Add or Update Continuing Education Courses]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Disciplinary_Action_Category|Add or Update Categories of Disciplinary Action]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Reason_for_Disciplinary_Action|Add or Update Reasons for Disciplinary Action]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Reason_for_Out_Migration|Add or Update Reasons for Out Migration]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Training_Disruption_Category|Add or Update Categories of Training Disruption]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Reason_for_Training_Disruption|Add or Update Reasons for Training Disruption]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_an_Academic_Level|Add or Update Academic Levels]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Certificate|Add or Update Certificates and Degrees]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_an_Identification_Type|Add or Update an Identification Type]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Add_a_Marital_Status|Add or Update a Marital Status]]
: [[iHRIS:Administer Database for iHRIS Qualify#Record_Verification_Changes|Add or Update Verification Changes]]
[[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions|Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions to the Database]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions#Add_a_Health_Facility|Add or Update Health Facilities]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions#Associate_a_Training_Institution_with_a_Health_Facility|Associate a Training Institution with a Health Facility]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions#Add_a_Training_Institution|Add or Update Training Institutions]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions#Associate_a_Health_Facility_with_a_Training_Institution|Associate a Health Facility with a Training Institution]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions#Add_a_Pre-service_Training_Program|Add or Update Pre-service Training Programs]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions#Enter_Inspection_Information_for_a_Training_Institution|Enter Inspection Information for a Training Institution]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions#Add_a_Facility_Agent|Add or Update Facility Agents]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions#Add_a_Facility_Type|Add or Update Facility Types]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Health Facilities and Training Institutions#Add_a_Facility_Status|Add or Update Facility Statuses]]
=== Manage Health Workers ===
[[iHRIS:Add Person|Add a New Record and Enter Basic Information About the Health Worker]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Person#Enter_a_New_Record|Add a New Record]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Person#Add_Identification_Information|Add Identification Information]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Person#Add_Demographic_Information|Add Demographic Information]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Person#Add_Education_Information|Add Educational Information]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Person#Add_Contact_Information|Add Contact Information]]
[[iHRIS:Add Training Information|Enter Pre-Service Training Information for the Health Worker]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Training Information#Add_a_Training|Add a Pre-service Training Program]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Training Information#Record_a_Discontinuation_in_Training|Record a Discontinuation in Training]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Training Information#Record_a_Resumption_in_Training|Record a Resumption in Training]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Training Information#Set_a_Graduation_Date|Set the Graduation Date or Completion of the Pre-service Training Program]]
: [[iHRIS:Add Training Information#Record_Examination_Information|Record Results on the National Qualifying Examination]]
[[iHRIS:Update Registrations and Licenses|Add or Update a Health Worker's Registration and License]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Registrations and Licenses#Issue_a_Registration|Register the Health Worker Upon Completion of Pre-service Training]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Registrations and Licenses#Issue_a_License|Issue a License to the Health Worker]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Registrations and Licenses#Renew_a_License|Renew the Health Worker's License]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Registrations and Licenses#Enter_Continuing_Education_Credits|Enter Continuing Education Credits Earned by the Health Worker]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Registrations and Licenses#Issue_a_Private_Practice_License|Issue a Private Practice License to the Health Worker]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Registrations and Licenses#Document_a_Disciplinary_Action|Document a Disciplinary Action or Suspend the Health Worker's License]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Registrations and Licenses#Reinstate_a_Suspended_License|Reinstate a Suspended License]]
[[iHRIS:Update Health Worker Information|Update Deployment, Out Migration and Other Information in the Health Worker's Record]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Health Worker Information#Record_a_Deployment|Record the Health Worker's Deployment at a Health Facility]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Health Worker Information#Record_an_Out_Migration_Verification_Request|Record a Request for Out Migration Verification]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Health Worker Information#Add_Notes|Add Notes to the Health Worker's Record]]
: [[iHRIS:Update Health Worker Information#Add_a_Verification|Verify Changes in the Health Worker's Record]]
[[iHRIS:Administer the System#Disable_the_Record_Verify_Module|Disable the Record Verify Module]]
=== Search Records ===
: [[iHRIS:Search Records in iHRIS Qualify|Search Records]]
== Using iHRIS Plan ==
[[iHRIS:Workforce Projection and Modeling|Workforce Projection and Modeling: An Overview]]
[[iHRIS:Understanding iHRIS Plan|An Overview of iHRIS Plan and Data Needed to Run the Program]]
=== Manage Workforce Projections ===
[[iHRIS:Manage Projections|Create and Manage a Workforce Projection]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Add_a_Cadre|Add or Update Health Worker Cadres]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Add_Projection|Start a New Projection]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Add_Population|Add Population Data]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Add_a_Cadre_Pool|Add a Pool of Health Workers (Cadre) to the Projection]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Add_Supply_Data|Add Workforce Supply Data to the Cadre Pool]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Add_Target_Data|Add Workforce Target Data to the Cadre Pool]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Add_Pool_Change|Project Changes in the Workforce Supply]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Model_Projection|Create a Visual Model of the Workforce Projection]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Find_Projection|Find a Saved Projection]]
: [[iHRIS:Manage Projections#Copy_a_Projection|Copy a Projection]]
== Installing and Using Windows iHRIS ==
[[iHRIS:Using Windows iHRIS|About the Windows Version of iHRIS]]
: [[iHRIS:Using Windows iHRIS#Install_Windows_iHRIS|Install Windows iHRIS]]
: [[iHRIS:Using Windows iHRIS#Set_Up_Windows_iHRIS|Set Up Windows iHRIS]]
: [[iHRIS:Using Windows iHRIS#Using_Windows_iHRIS|Use and Exit Windows iHRIS]]
== Installing and Using the iHRIS Appliance ==
[[iHRIS Appliance|About the iHRIS Appliance]]
: [[Installing on Mini-Box|Install the iHRIS Appliance]]
== Data Dictionary ==
[[iHRIS:Data Dictionary|Glossary of Terms Used for Data Entry Fields in iHRIS]]
[[Copyright]] (c) 2007-2009 [http://www.intrahealth.org/ IntraHealth International, Inc.]
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the [[iHRIS:License|GNU Free Documentation License]], Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.
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