Configuring iHRIS Dashboards

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iHRIS version 4.1.11 (and 4.2) comes with the functionality to set dashboards. The steps below explain how to setup dashboard configurations. First of all you need to have the report views that will be part of the dashboard defined. You can follow up this link to learn how to create these reports.

For this tutorial we are going to use reports that come with iHRIS. To set up a dashboard you need to use the internal report view names.

  • Age Distribution (age_distribution)
  • Age By Facility (age_facility)
  • Classification Breakdown (classification_breakdown)
  • Nationality Breakdown (nationality_breakdown)
  • Retirement Planning (retirement_planning)

After identifying the report views, next thing you do is set that up on a page using an XML file. These properties need to be set under the dashboard page (/I2CE/page/dashboard) and dashboard page arguments' (/I2CE/page/dashboard/args). Here is a list of some properties you may want to specify for the dashboard page arguments:

  • default_settings
    • These are settings that apply across all report views on the dashboard
      • height: height for each individual report view on the dashboard
      • width: width for each individual report view on the dashboard
      • title: the tile for the dashboard
      • label_size: this is the font size for the title
  • dashes
    • This is the node where you specify the report views. Each report view can have certain specific settings
    • For dashboard view you can specify the following:
      • tasks
      • roles
      • settings
        • These settings can be anyone of those defined in the defaults settings if you want to override them
        • order: the order in which the reports have to appear using numbers 1,2,3...
      • report_views

You can view this file for the structure of the module.

If you are running the development code of 4.1 or 4.2 and have updated to the most recent revisions you can enable the module from Configure System->Configure Modules->iHRIS Manage (submodules) check iHRIS Manage Dashboard then update.

You may need to edit the index.html and shell.html to include links to dashboard by copying from ihris-manage/templates/en_US/index.html and ihris-common/templates/en_US/shell.html or ihris-manage/templates/en_US/shell.html

If you are enabling it From code, use the name ManageDashboard

If you are successfull, navigating to Dashboard, you should see this page in the end

Demo Dashboard.png

Click the image to get the larger view