Create a Data Form Map For My Custom Site

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When you create a custom site, you may be adding new forms and fields. In which case, the data maps for iHRIS Manage and Qualify are no longer accurate. You will want to generate your own form map.

Required Software

Creating a data form map is easy once you have the proper programs installed on your system. To do so run: <source lang='bash'> sudo apt-get install graphviz imagemagick </source>

Enabling the Module

The ability to create a data map is provided by the "" module. To enable via the web interface:

  • Click on "Configure System"
  • Click on "Configure Modules"
  • Click on "Sub-Modules" next to "I2CE Forms"
  • Click on the check box next to "Form Documentor"
  • Click the "Enable" button on the bottom of the page.

Enable the Module (Command Line)

Go to the pages directory of your site and enter

php index.php  --update=1 --enable=formDocumentor

Creating a Map

Go to your site directory, for example: <source lang='bash'> cd /var/www/iHRIS-manage </source>

Now run: <source lang='bash'>

php index.php --page=/formDocumentor/dot


You will be then be prompted to select which forms that you want to include in the map. You can select either the individual numbers or a range of numbers. I suggest that you do not include the forms starting with cl_ as it will get messy, and these are related to SDMX-HD. Other forms you may want to skip are uuid, contact, role and user

When you finish, you should have a file in the /tmp directory.