Custom Reporting -- Add Images to a Report

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This tutorial applies to version 4.0.22 and later.

This tutorial will show you how to display images in a report table view. This does not apply to the PDF/Print view.

Setting the Link

Any field can be displayed with a link. Form fields of type IMAGE can also be assigned to display the image inline. This tutorial assumes you have a form with an IMAGE field in the form relationship.

Now you edit the report that is based on this relationship. Click on the form with the image and then click on Reported Fields.

Custom report editor for the photo form

Enable the image field and click on Link Options.

Image Link Options

Fill in the link options as follows:

Link url
The field option needs to match the name of the image field in the form.
Link field
form Id
Select the form id for the form that has the image field.
Link Type
Image (img)
If you select Link (a href) then a link to the image will be displayed in the report.
Filled in Image Link Options

Click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Update the Report View

In a report view for this report, you should enable the image field. Now when you view this report you will see the image displayed.