Custom Reporting -- An Overview

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The Custom Reporting is a three part process:

  • Create A Form Relationship This defines the relationship between the data in the system. It is intended for a relatively advanced user that has some understanding on how the data is related.
  • Create A Report Choosing, a form relationship, this specifies the data fields for a report as well as the limits allowed for the various views of the report. It is intended for a data manager. Only a moderate understanding of the way the data is related in the system is required. It is in this step that generates the cached 'zebra_XXXX' report tables.
  • Create A Report View. This is intended for all end user's that might need to create a different view of a report. For example, it would be useful for someone who needs to generate monthly reports for different slices of the data.


There are a several tasks that control general access to the creation and view of custom reports:

  • custom_reports_can_access Allows minimal access to the Custom Reporting System System
  • custom_reports_delete Allows deletion of data defining custom reports
  • custom_reports_can_access_relationships Allows access to the Custom Report Relationships
  • custom_reports_can_access_reports Allows access to the Custom Reports
  • custom_reports_can_view_reportViews Allows view of the Custom Report Views
  • custom_reports_can_edit_reportViews Allows editing of the Custom Report Views
  • custom_reports_admin Administrator for custom reports. Can perform all tasks associated with custom reports

In addition you may also limit access to a specific Report View $view by specifying:


to be any valid permission string.