Form Storage -- Magic Data

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Storing form data in magic data is intended to be used in the following situtations:

  • centrally maintained data that does not change frequently
  • data that you want translations/localizations for
  • data that you do not care to track the history of changes
  • data that you want to load in easily for a module


All the data for form $form is stored in the magic data instance at the path


with each node underneath corresponding to an instance of the form. For example, under


we have

'F' => Array [
   'last_modified' => '2009-04-27 1:23:45'
   'fields' => Array [
         'name' => 'Female' 
'M' => Array [
    'last_modified' => '2009-04-27 1:23:45'
    'fields' => Array [
         'name' => 'Male' 

If there is a parent form for the form, it is saved under 'parent' node for form instance.