Help:Create a New Page

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How to Create a New Page on the Wiki

You need to set up an account before you can do anything. Everyone can set up an account at any time. Click "Log in/create account" in the upper right corner to get started.

Once you have set up an account and logged in, navigate to the page where you want to link to the new page. For new pages pertaining to HRIS Strengthening and iHRIS, go here: Capacity Project's iHRIS Suite.

Scroll down to the section where you want to add the new page and click the small "Edit" link that appears on the far right of the section head. The Edit window opens.

Follow the format of the other pages listed to add a link to your new page. In most cases it would look like this:

[[Page Title]]

This creates an internal link to the new page. Click the Save Page button and the link will show up in the list in red. It is red because the page has not actually been created yet. Click the new link. This will open a blank edit screen where you can enter the text for the new page and save it. Once you save it, the link will turn blue/purple, meaning the page has been created. You can return to the page at any time and click Edit in the top tabs to continue working on it.

While editing, you will see a link to Editing Help at the very bottom of the screen next to the Save buttons. This explains the very small amount of wiki code you need to know. Here is a direct link to that help page: Help:Editing.