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Having standardized data lists is useful for managing multiple systems. This could be for:

  • development, testing and production servers of iHRIS
  • district and national iHRIS systems in a decentralized iHRIS installation
  • use by other systems that want to know what data lists are being used in iHRIS.
  • exchange of data between systems

Standardized Lists

iHRIS Supports the following standardized lists:

  • The ISCO-88 and ISCO-08, or International Standard Classification of Occupations, codes from the International Labor Organization
  • ISO 3166 The standardized list of countries from ISO
  • ISO 639 The standardized list of languages from ISO
  • Sharing Value Sets (SVS) from Integrating the Health Enterprise(IHE) is a general mechanism for sharing standardized lists between systems

Supported Standards


Note: There is an older document describing Data Interoperability, but it is out of date.