Open Implementation

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We don't provide just software but rather a program of technical assistance and expertise to ensure that the technology is transferred effectively and serves the ability of decision makers to use data to lead and manage. Our participatory approach results in systems that are appropriate for the context in which they are used and sustainable after we leave. With a solid, sustainable, technological foundation, we can work with local partners to ensure the success of the various strengthening activities with an Open Implementation

What and Why

Open implementation is our philosophy of systems implementation which strongly encourages the sharing of people, methods, and documentation.

  • Various components of the iHRIS Suite are deployed in different types of environments. With clear documentation of how we implemented a particular system, we empower local groups to take ownership of the system, thereby decreasing the reliance on the Capacity Project and Intrahealth and increasing the local technological capacity and sustainability
  • Several groups may be involved in a particular implementation. Having a centralized and open implementation plan ensures all interested parties and partners informed and involved.
  • The eco-system of donors and their activities is large and not homogeneous. By knowing the progress of a particular implementation, various partners can quickly assess areas of needed additional support and areas for possible collaboration and contribution.

We welcome communication with all of our partners and colleagues. Please click on the links below to access our country list servs.

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