Peer-Reviewed Journals

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This is a list of peer-reviewed journals that are likely to accept research/articles on our projects.

Information Technologies & International Development: Information Technologies and International Development is an interdisciplinary open-access journal that focuses on the intersection of information and communication technologies (ICTs) with the "other four billion" - the share of the world population whose countries are not yet widely connected to the Internet nor widely considered in the design of new information technologies. The journal is published through The MIT Press.

The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries: The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries (EJISDC) strives to become the foremost international forum for practitioners, teachers, researchers and policy makers to share their knowledge and experience in the design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of information systems and technologies in developing countries.

Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries: Knowledge on health and medical informatics in developing countries is scarce. This health informatics journal has therefore been launched to focus on and promote research, experience and discussions related to health informatics in developing countries.

electronic Journal of Health Informatics: The electronic Journal of Health Informatics is an international journal committed to scholarly excellence and dedicated to the advancement of Health Informatics and information technology in healthcare.

International Journal of Open Source Software and Processes: The International Journal of Open Source Software and Processes (IJOSSP) publishes high-quality peer-reviewed and original research articles on the large field of open source software and processes.

International Journal of ICT Research and Development in Africa: Publishes original, cutting-edge research articles on the use of information communication technologies in agriculture and rural development. Emphasizing new innovations and best practices in the use of ICT, diffusion and adoption methods, techniques, e-value creation, and policy issues, IJICTRDA focuses on information communication applications in agricultural and socio-economic development and poverty alleviation.

Human Resources for Health: Human Resources for Health is ready to receive manuscripts on all aspects of planning, producing and managing human resources for health.

The Open Health Services and Policy Journal: The Open Health Services and Policy Journal, is an Open Access online journal which publishes original research articles, reviews and short articles in all areas of health services and health policy. The journal covers the research, organization, planning, evaluation, management, financing, policy, and provision of health services and healthcare.

Health Informatics Journal: Information and communication technology are integral to all areas of health care, from organisational management to the delivery of patient care and health promotion. In this fast-moving arena, Health Informatics Journal provides an international forum for the exchange of practice, innovation and research.

Health Policy and Planning: Health Policy and Planning blends such individual specialities as epidemiology, health and development economics, management and social policy, planning and social anthropology into a lively academic mix that constantly stimulates and keeps readers abreast of modern international health care.

Health Services Research Journal: The primary purpose of Health Services Research is to provide researchers and public and private policymakers with the latest research findings, methods, and concepts regarding the financing, organization, delivery, evaluation, and outcomes of health services, and with analysis of their relationships to clinical practice, management, and policy.

Also consider:

  • The Lancet
  • BMJ
  • American Journal of Medicine
  • American Journal of Public Health
  • Health Affairs
  • AIDS and Behavior
  • Health Expectations
  • BMC Public Health
  • Journal of Occupational Health
  • International Journal for Equity in Health
  • Health Education and Behavior
  • Gender, Work and Organization
  • Journal of Interpersonal Violence
  • Reproductive Health Matters
  • Health Policy
  • Family and Community Health
  • Public Health
  • Maternal and Child Health Journal
  • Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care
  • Evaluation and Program Planning
  • Journal of Community Health Nursing
  • Journal of Family Violence
  • African Journal of AIDS Research
  • African Journal of Reproductive Health
  • Global Public Health
  • Human Resource Development Quarterly