Senegal Tutorial - Add a Field to the Demographic Form

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This tutorial explains how to customize iHRIS Manage to support adding the field "Number of Spouses" to the demographic form.


For this tutorial we will assume you have your site installed in:


The iHRIS core modules will be assumed to be:


Create a Module

First we need to create a new module in the site modules directory. <source lang="bash"> mkdir /var/lib/iHRIS/sites/4.1/sn-manage/modules/Senegal-demographic </source>

Now we need to create the basic information for the module configuration file. <source lang="bash"> cd /var/lib/iHRIS/sites/4.1/sn-manage/modules/Senegal-demographic gedit Senegal-demographic.xml </source>

We will need to set up the standard meta information for the module like this:

<source lang="xml"> <?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE I2CEConfiguration SYSTEM "I2CE_Configuration.dtd"> <I2CEConfiguration name="Senegal-demographic">

   <displayName>iHRIS Demographic Customizations for Senegal</displayName>
   <description>Module to customize the demographic form for Senegal.</description>
   <creator>Intrahealth Informatics</creator>
   <path name="configs">
   <path name="templates">
   <requirement name="ihris-manage-PersonDemographic">
     <atleast version="4.1" />
 <configurationGroup name="Senegal-demographic" path="/I2CE">

</I2CEConfiguration> </source>

Add a New Field

Now we need to modify the configuration file to include the changes for the Demographic form. Place this inside the main configurationGroup in the site configuration file (Senegal-demographic.xml). This is for an English version of the field, you can change the locale to be "fr_FR" and set the value to be in French if desired.

<source lang="xml">

   <configurationGroup name="formClasses" path="/modules/forms/formClasses/iHRIS_ManageDemographic">
     <configurationGroup name="fields">
       <displayName>The fields defined for this form</displayName>
       <configurationGroup name="num_spouses">
         <displayName>The field 'num_spouses'</displayName>
         <configuration name="formfield">
           <displayName>The form field type</displayName>
         <configuration name="headers" type="delimited" locale="en_US">
           <displayName>The headers for this field.</displayName>
           <value>default:Number of Spouses</value>


Update the Templates

Now we need to copy the existing template files to the module to add the new field. The template we want to modify is in the iHRIS Manage source code in the ManagePersonDemographic module. We will create the templates directory and then copy the files to be modified. To copy the French version of the page you can replace en_US with fr in the following commands.

<source lang="bash"> mkdir -p templates/en_US cp /var/lib/iHRIS/lib/4.1/ihris-manage/modules/ManagePersonDemographic/templates/en_US/view_demographic.html templates/en_US/ cp /var/lib/iHRIS/lib/4.1/ihris-manage/modules/ManagePersonDemographic/templates/en_US/form_demographic.html templates/en_US/ </source>

Now we edit the view page to add the new field. <source lang="bash"> gedit templates/en_US/view_demographic.html </source>

Make the file appear as below: <source lang="html4strict">

Edit This Information

  • Update this Information
<tbody> </tbody>
Demographic Information


Save this file and now edit the form template: <source lang="bash"> gedit templates/en_US/form_demographic.html </source>

Add the num_spouses field here as well:

<source lang="html4strict"> <tbody>

Demographic Information


</tbody> </source> Now save this file. The module is now complete.

Enable the New Module

Now we need to enable the module in the site configuration file. Edit the site configuration file with this command.

<source lang="bash"> cd /var/lib/iHRIS/sites/4.1/sn-manage gedit iHRIS-Manage-Senegal.xml </source>

In the section where modules are enabled, add the following line:

<source lang="xml">

 <enable name="Senegal-demographic" />


Now when you access the site it should update and your new field will now appear on the demographic form.