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This is a planned feature for a future version of the software and is the intended basis for iHRIS Collect, a data collection/survey tool.

Here is a technical sketch of what needs to be done.

  • Modify/subclass i2ce_form_relationships in order to add the ability to specify the number of each type of forms that can be joined (one, two, ... )
  • handle evaluating form relationship functions from within PHP -- perhaps by exec the sql function with the form fields as appropriate, or else don't allow sql functions in form relationships for pages.
  • determining if a given pair of forms, or a given set of forms satisfies a relationship.
  • Select the fields from the forms in the relationship you want in a particular page. This is already done in the i2ce_swiss_report you would only need to tweak the UI to remove the limits.
  • choose the order that you want the forms displayed on the page. this functionality could be subclassed from the i2ce_swiss_report
  • choose the order that you want to display the fields of a form. This might simply be a i2ce_swiss_report_view (or subclass for)
  • mark the displayed fields as editable or not. Subclass i2ce_swiss_report_view
  • add in a way to mark a page as needing a "confirm" on save or not