Documentation Wishlist

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This is a list of documentation needs submitted by members of the iHRIS Global Community. We invite all community members to contribute to this list.

Implementation Toolkit -- need a print version and “living” version that is easier to keep updated; review and identify what’s missing

Administrator's (Implementer's) Guide -- A collection of documentation useful for administrators/implementers that can be output in PDF or Word format. This guide will likely be included in the next iteration of the HRIS Implementation Toolkit. It should also be translated into French and Spanish.

Technical documentation for developers -- Review for redundancy and update as necessary; reorganize into a more structured guide.

Software Release Procedure -- A procedure capturing all steps in the software release process needs to be documented and agreed upon by the iHRIS team. Team members will have assignments they must complete as part of any software release.

Translations -- Document how the translation process works through Launchpad. Add instructions for bulk translation, updating, and enabling different locales.

Installation Instructions -- Requires a clear process, outlined step-by-step.

General iHRIS PowerPoint -- Develop a PowerPoint that can be shared and modified for introducing iHRIS.

General iHIRS Takeaway Sheet -- Revise.

Forms and Fields Map -- Provide a link through which users can request a large printed copy of the map.

Report a Bug -- Document the process.

Security -- Write text that explains how security issues are addressed in iHRIS.

Interoperability -- Write text that explains how interoperability issues are addressed in iHRIS.

Ideas List -- Revise for readability; ranked by priority/difficulty with a team mentor assigned to each who can help volunteers

User's Manuals -- need to be revised; a more user-friendly format is desirable, such as pop-up tips in the software itself. As part of the revision, we would like to identify a tool that can store “nuggets” of help text in a database for easy import into other locations.

Country-Specific Documentation -- Each country team needs to contribute documentation to their wiki page.

Guided tour of major features at least for Manage/Qualify -- a video that is 5 minutes or less and simply shows the highlights of the software.

Project Goals and Mission -- mission statement, vision, strategy

Project Plans and Schedules (general implementation plan)

On-boarding process for (a) new developers and (b) volunteers

Code of conduct that facilitates collaboration

Developer Guidelines -- how to communicate with other developers and submit code; other guidelines for how development is done; any design requirements

Implementation process (non-technical): e.g., what are the key steps, who to talk to, etc. This should be included in the Implementation Toolkit.

Documentation process -- To include a general writing, categorizing and review process; a process for translating documentation; a process for capturing, reviewing, and sharing documentation that comes from the field; maintenance assignments to ensure that documentation is kept up-to-date.