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IHRIS Manage Development

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Development Update – iHRIS Manage - As of February 2009

iHRIS Manage Core

Developers: Luke, Carl

Status: version 3.1.3 has been released

Next milestone: release version 4.0 in Summer 2009 to include high-priority features and improvements

High-priority tasks

  • Add duplicate record checking (Carl)
  • Lock standard data lists from editing to support synchronization (Carl)
  • Add import/export data functions and synchronization with offline version (Carl/Luke)

Lower-priority tasks

  • Bulk data entry page (Luke)
  • Add support for customizing roles (Carl)
  • Enable customization of field names such as district (state/province) or county (sector) (Carl)
  • Add ISCO job classification mapping (Carl)
  • Display selected limits on reports on screen, in print and when exported (Carl)
  • Display date of report generation on displayed/printed reports (developer TBD)
  • Add a title and suffix to a person's name (Carl)
  • Employee photo feature (Carl)
  • Redo the way geography works (Luke)
  • Include new module: accident/workplace injury tracking (Carl)
  • Include new module: disciplinary action (Carl)
  • Include new module: Leave tracking (Carl)
  • Update PowerPoint and video demos (Carol)

Competency Model and In-Service Training Modules

Developer: Carl

Status: module included in version 3.1

To-do's (would be nice)

  • Pre-configure training reports
  • Design a more complex competency model
  • Add a version of the module to Qualify