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Development Update – iHRIS Plan - As of February 2009

iHRIS Plan Core

Developer: Luke

Status: Version 1.0.3 released

Next milestone: possible Version 1.0.4 with minor fixes scheduled for release in Summer 2009

High-priority tasks

  • Support printing of projections
  • Include asterisk to denote required fields

Note: All other high-priority feature requests have been completed.

Lower priority tasks

  • Expand the user's manual and add context-sensitive help
  • Add ability to import data from other iHRIS systems
  • Add more reporting features and ability to export reports
  • Support for pre-service training data entry
  • Add template for a health workforce implementation plan

Possible development direction

We may remove iHRIS Plan from the iHRIS suite as a standalone product and make it a module that can be included with iHRIS Manage/Qualify instead.