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This is a wishlist item but is not a high priority.

This is a type of report for iHRIS Manage that visually shows supervisory relationships between employees of an organization, usually using linked boxes, but other representations may be proposed if they make sense and are easier to program. Because an organizational chart can get quite large and complex, it is good to have the ability to expand and collapse different areas (such as departments or offices) or to create a linked chart starting with the uppermost hierarchy and linking supervisors to their sections, collapsed until the supervisor's box is clicked.

This feature is documented in UC-PT18 (Use Case Model).

Proposed Requirements

  • The chart can be filtered by geographical location, department, or office/facility.
  • Any position without an assigned supervisor would appear at the uppermost level of the chart.
  • Each box displays the position title, the name of the employee holding the position (if any), and whether the position is open or closed.
  • Discontinued positions should not appear in the chart.
  • Each box is clickable to display the full position information.
  • The chart should be printable and, preferably, exportable to an image or another format.