Customizing iHRIS

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The following tutorials enable you to customize your iHRIS implementation to represent your organization.

These tutorials show how to customize display of various elements within iHRIS.

  • Customize Displays of Lists: Learn how to customize the display of the Position list by dropping the use of the Position Code completely and adding in the Position Type; this is an example of how any of the list displays in iHRIS Manage or iHRIS Qualify can be customized.

Custom Reporting -- This page collects the various articles that describe how to use the Custom Reporting system in iHRIS. This includes detailed documentation about the structure of custom reports and their use in advanced iHRIS features, as well as several tutorials on creating particular reports.

Create a Data Form Map For My Custom Site -- When you create a custom site, you may be adding new forms and fields, in which case, the data maps for iHRIS Manage and Qualify are no longer accurate. You will want to generate your own form map.

Information on Customizing iHRIS Manage, Installing a Custom Site from Launchpad and Managing A Site In Launchpad -- Note: These tutorials are for an older version of iHRIS (4.0).